Thursday, September 6, 2007

Migrating To The Land Of Heavenly Food

As you probably remember (or not) from the early days of this blog, I had started a food section called “The Daily Bite”.

It has been a while since I posted anything food related and the reason is that I’m in the process of starting my own food blog. One day. When Luca starts taking 5 hours daily naps so that I can actually sit down at my computer and design the website. Chances of this happening any soon: very slim.

Anyway, I’m writing to you all to let you know that Luca and I are leaving tomorrow for Italy. We are going to visit Grandma (the chef) on the Adriatic Coast for a couple of weeks, so that Luca can spend some more time on the beach while mommy is doing a full immersion work out behind the stoves.

I’m hoping to get all the nitty gritty about food and cooking from my wonderful mom, who has already thought me so much in all these years. We will take some culinary trips to take me back to my original roots and flavors…so hopefully I’ll be back with lots of pictures!

Sounds great ha? Yeah…if I can make it alive after surviving a long plain trip and a train ride with an infant on meth.

I called the pediatrician earlier this week and asked him if there is any drug on the market powerful enough to sedate my little junkie and he suggested Benadryl. I gave it a shot yesterday, hoping that Luca’s nap would turn into this blissful 4 hours of peace and quiet.

Nope. He woke up after 1 hour, so I guess there goes the Benadryl.

We just have to hope for the best.

Just keep an eye out for any CNN breaking news where you probably will see my mug shot after a I had fight with a flight attendant, got thrown off the plane and now sit miserably in jail.

Marian – I’m following all your traveling advices and I even booked my ticket with Air France. Please note: this was a big step for me, since I’m not a big fan of the French (well…I have to admit they have some good stuff too here and there).

Mommee – I won’t have daily access to a computer so I’m really looking forward to see all your beautiful photos when I get back.

Chiara – Sorry I didn’t e-mail you back. I think I started packing about 2 weeks ago like a maniac worried to forget something, in case I’m going to a third world country or something.

Enjoy the rest of the summer…and talk to you soon!


I Wonder Why Everything Changes…

It’s absolutely amazing how your all perspective changes once you have a baby. I know this is the oldest cliché’ you’ve ever heard, but I swear, to me is still a fucking mystery.

I mean, in my pre-baby life, there was no way in hell I would’ve even pronounce the word “Jersey” (as in the state of New Jersey) without feeling repulsed and definitely erase your name for good from my buddy list.

By any standards, that’s always being the land of the borings and a little bit losers too. Or better, the “bridge and tunnel” people, as New Yorkers like to call them. These are usually natives of the afore mentioned state, individuals with no style or sense of fashion and often very loud who like to spend the weekend in Manhattan.

Once I got older and the raging hormones of motherhood left a tall on my physical and psychological being, I realized that maybe life in the fast lane is not for me anymore (I can’t believe I just said that!). A few years back it was fun to live in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, go out 3 to 4 times a week without caring about your massive hangovers just because you had to check out that new cool club or restaurant. I used to swear that nothing would have changed that!

Yes…that desire inside that keeps you young. The energy you have...when you DON'T have kids.

Now, it’s all a different story. I’m a wreck by the end of the day. I can barely stay up past Midnight and my best friends are a good book and a cozy duvet. I love the city, but sometimes, actually everyday, I dream of having a bigger house with a big backyard where Luca can play and run around, instead of being like a little mouse trapped in a shoebox.

My husband always makes fun of me, because he thinks I will never be able to leave the city and be a suburban soccer mom. Also with the skyrocketing prices of real estate here in New York, the only house we will be able to afford will be in Buttfuck America.
Meaning somewhere really really faraway where they’ve never heard of New York City.

Do you think I can blame the hormones for all this?

Tell me your story. Have you ever lived in a big city? Do you live in a house or apartment? Is Buttfuck America really worth it for the sanity of your kids?

DCP: If you really have to move to the burbs (read: New Jersey) it would be great to do it Tony Sopranos style. Now that’s a house I wouldn’t mind to live in...yes, (pulling the words out of my mouth) even in NJ.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beach Bum

Here are some memories from my first trip to the beach:

(Yeahhyyy! We finally made it to the beach, man! Ohhh...this is really cool. Too bad I kinda have a beer belly though...)

(I'm gonna get you...little birdie...)

(Oh great, now she's gonna throw me in the water! Thank God I took some swimming lessons with my I'm basically a pro. Bring it on lady!)

(Just chilling with my Mommy. Building some sand castles and stuff... Man, I can really get used to this lifestyle! Just give me a surfboard and I'll show you who's the maaan!)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Volcano Has Finally Died

Well...for all of you out there who may be interested in Luca's progress in the pooping department, I'm happy to announce that everything seems to be back to normal.

I apologize to our super who, I'm sure in the past few days has probably lifted (and smelled!) a great deal of garbage bags filled with diapered poop.

I apologize to all the garbage men for not telling them that no, we have not adopted a horse or some other kind of wild animal with a chronic bowel disfunction.

With that said...tomorrow we are off to the beach, where hopefully the contact with water won't cause another volcanic eruption!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everybody!