Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Yep...the Holiday Season is here...again. What the f....?! Wasn't it Christmas like a month ago? Where the heck did this year go?

Ohh...right, I forgot that when you have a baby time does fly. Even though you wake up every morning to the same shitty routine, like...change the diaper, clean the bottle, fill up the bottle, feed the bottle, clean the house, wash the dishes, cook and if you have any energy left, take a learn to love your shitty routine. Especially when is playtime and you get to impersonate 101 different animal sounds and rolling your dirty self on the floor with absolutely no shame whatsoever.

Don't you just love being a mommy?'s to all of you fab moms out there! Enjoy the holiday, stuff your face with as much turkey as you like...after all is mostly white meat and proteins are good for you. Have a drink on me...or maybe three, because I have another exciting week-end with the In-laws ahead of me in trendy Maryland...yuppyyyy!

(Please shoot me now and let me be your Thanksgiving turkey....pleeeaaase!)


Brittany said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :)

Marian said...

Happy thanksgiving to you! There is not such a holyday here but we have already started with the season... excited (NOT).

The routine you describe, could very easily be my life. How is it that I have adapted to greasy hair and missmatching clothes...dont know... but life seems to go on.

Stuff your face to death! Only good reason for the holyday can eat without guilt...Santa made you!