Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Signs That You're Becoming Addicted To The Blogosphere:

1) You search hysterically every single blog you can think of to see if there are any new posts
2) You don't even read, let alone understand the content of the post
3) You start mentioning your fellow blogger in your everyday they're basically your best friends
4) You're starting to neglet your kid and his immediate need for food
5) Your ass hurts so much for spending too much time on the computer

So what I did was taking a couple of weeks off from the blogging madness, no posting, no reading, no writing any comments (sorry, my friends!) and see if I would survive.
The result of the experiment: I felt great for the first week. No headaches, no double vision and no backache ( certainly sounds like a lot of work, when in reality all I do is just sittingon my ass, reading and biting my nails!).
By the second week I was bored to death and that's when I discover another dangerous tool: Ebay.

Now I need to detox from it before I end up totally broke or completely naked after I've sold everything in my closet.
Huh...Who would have thought I had such an addictive personality?

Result of the experiment: It is definitely much cheaper to read blogs and I'm gonna stick with it!


Mamajama said...

Hahaha! I have so been there. You know you need to get off the computer, you turn your body away...but can't quite take your eyes off the screen. :)

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kwolph said...

I completely agree!! I jumped from being a TV addict to Internet Junkie. I have the same websites that I go to everyday, several times a day, some great: Pop Candy-USA Today, some guilty pleasures: Perez Hilton. After I get through everything, it just leaves me wanting more. I work online as a representative for New York Kids Club in Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights and there is no way that my addiction is going to be curbed anytime too soon. I really don't want it to either!! Good luck with mommy duties and hope you continue blogging in 2008!