Monday, August 13, 2007

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Shrinks are expensive.

Even if you have health insurance, there is no way around it and they will suck you dry.

I never thought I needed one, but living in New York City and being surrounded by all kinds of people, it’s inevitable that at one point you will encounter a good Samaritan who will kindly suggest you go see one.

Not because you need one, but just because it’s good for you. New York City is a very stressful place. You are always competing for the best job, the best husband, the best lifestyle, beautiful kids, always be thin, buy a house, buy a beach house, take tennis lessons, become a golf pro, go bankrupt and then eventually die.

So, throughout this very painful process, you better find yourself a shrink. And a good one too.

That’s why a couple of years ago, after a visit to my family doctor to request a cocktail of sleeping pills to finally put my ass to sleep and confess that most of the time food was like my security blanket, she suggested I go see a shrink. Just for my sanity.

I didn’t really think much of it in the beginning, since almost everyone I know here in the city has a shrink. I actually thought it would be cool to tell somebody whatever shit is going through your mind without being judged. Even Tony Soprano had one.

The only problem was that I actually got bored out of my mind. I mean, this lady was the best sleeping pill I’ve ever had. She was like this big 300 pounds blob of fat, slouched on a big leather chair, constantly chewing on a pencil. I used to get so depressed just looking at her.

So after about 8 sessions (see, at least I tried, right?) and $500 robbed from my wallet (that’s exactly what it felt like!), I called it a quit and decided that the best therapy for me is shopping, chocolate and sex. If you also wanna throw in the mix some good food, a little traveling and some cool jewelry, you got yourself a happy camper.

Daily Cool Pill: Nowadays the best therapy is blogging. After all, you only have a bunch of strangers reading your crazy shit and you might get some good advice here and there. Just let it out and use a corner of the Internet to express your thoughts and frustration about life, parenting, marriage or whatever goes through your mind. You never know…maybe you’ll find some other nutcase out there to keep you company!


Marian said...

I did therapy a cuople of times. We argentinians go through therapy with the same naturality as people go through school. Just part of your life. I did have to do some serious therpay (not like the previous hadnt been serious) after giving birth. I was feeling very very down. Did not have the best experience in the world... being latin and giving birth in the iceberg better known as The Netherlands, did not make motherhood easier.
But my shrink was fun, direct and to the point. Heard me out and then pointed out. No aham aham... like most.
Im a shrink so I should knwo how boring it gets on the other side... come on! throw some fun into the session! hahaha

Anyway, yeah... blogging is probably a very good mean of venting. However, as you, food, shopping, shopping, jewelry, shopping...nice too :)

Cool Mama said...

Oh.. wow, that's really interesting Marian. On the other hand, Italians are the worst in therapy. We will never admit it if we need it and especially in my family, it was always a sign of weakness. We were always thought to solve our problems on our own. Yeah....way to go!! Here in the US is totally different. Especially in NY there is something wrong with you if you're NOT in therapy!

Mommee and Her Boys said...

Therapy is HIGHLY overrated, I agree. When I was younger I was in therapy, because my parents got a divorce and they were convinced that my sister and I needed therapy, to help us "cope." Well, in all honesty, I think the stupid lady made me worse than I really was. I was slightly overweight as a kid (ok, a lot overweight) and she literally called me "Fat" (with a capital "F"). So, I left her room crying and told my dad I was never going back. You don't call a person you hardly know "fat" especially a 13 year old girl!!!

Cool Mama said...

That's horrible! I think therapy is a wonderful thing and there are plenty of amazing therapists out there and lots of lousy ones! I also think that it's not for everyone and ....yes, it is HIGHLY OVERRATED in this country.

Marian said...

Oh it is highly overrated in many places, where people will not make a decission without asking their shrink first. That's the shrink's fault...

In my family doing therapy is also a nono. YOu are weird or something...rather just go to church and talk to god. Since Im an atheist, I thought talking to someone who could help me ease my load, would be so much better! hahaha I think therapy is good at certain moments of your life... I mean...some people can grow dependant on it...which is partly the therapists fault. You are explicitly taught to not let that happen. but I guess everyone needs to retile the patio everynos and then, uh? what's a few 100 extra from a few unnecessary sessions...

The approach of some therapists too can be more damaging than helpful. You gotta be careful...

I dont know. It helped me regain some perspective. Sometimes it's good.... if you are lucky to find the right person too. You gotta shop around ! hahaha