Monday, August 20, 2007

A Taste Of The Old Days…(Part 2)

There are only a few words to describe our Saturday night out: fun, liberating and incredibly painful.

It was definitely fun to finally have an adult conversation, while getting intoxicated with high doses of alcohol and realizing a bit too late that there is no need to reply with a: “Aaaawwwww, how cute!” every time somebody says anything.
(We definitely need more practice in the conversation department, so we agreed on the fact that we need to go out more often. Waaaaay more often.)

I felt so free and happy to actually be outside at night. And this time I wasn’t pushing a stroller with a screaming baby in it, praying that he will soon fall asleep before I did.
I was so excited that if somebody had passed around a tray of Jello shots, I would have done ‘em all.
(Trust me, you become shameless).

The only downside of the whole story …hangover is a beeatch! We came back home around 2 am, paid the babysitter and passed out on the bed completely dressed. (I’m not kidding).

Spent all day Sunday picking up the pieces.

Was it fun? Yes, definitely.

Was it worth it? Yes, if you want to keep your sanity. Hangover and all!

DCP: Note to self - Please remember to eat some kind of dinner before you decide to drink your brains out. Just a few appetizers shared between friends and 100 gallons of liquor…just won’t do it, girl!


kia said...

today I was surfing on internet and I found your blog!
I'm Chiara and I'm italian California mom's on my 33 years old dealing with my baby Gabriel 21 months old all day long! Reading your diary was very nice for me because I could find a lot of common things!
I'm not alone...Do you know how many diapers I have changed until now more or less? An avarege around 3.000 dipers...
I will plan to spend the next Friday out with my husband just having a quite dinner and if we are lucky movie too with no interrupt and finally just go out!!!
I don't drink alchool so I will not have problems... Or maybe just a glass of red sparkling wine...
I miss drink a good italian wine like "Barolo" or Bracchetto, yes, sweet wine...
I would likw share my day with you sometime so will be funny chat on internet... My e-mail address is and when you are just bored give me a shot!
take care,ciao

Mommee and Her Boys said...

Ugh. I can't wait to stop breast feeding. I am jealous! ;)

Glad you guys had a great time!!

Cool Mama said...

Hi Chiara! must have fallen from the sky! So nice to hear from you! (Sorry I'm gonna speak..hmmm..write a little Italian!).
Mi fa tanto piacere parlare con un'altra Italiana...finalmente!
Ho cominciato a scrivere questo blog il giorno della festa della mamma dopo aver finalmente realizzato di esserne diventata una...e dover abbandonare il mio stile di vita che tanto amavo!
Quindi queste sono le mie avventure quotidiane qui a New York con il mio piccolo Luca che ha ormai 10 mesi.
Di solito io ed altri lettori ci scambiamo messaggi qui...quindi fammi sapere se hai letto questo. Puoi fare cio' lasciando uno nuovo messaggio.
Mi farebbe tanto piacere sapere le tue avventure in California!
Oh...anche io adoro il Bracchetto!

I apologize to everyone who doesn't speak Italian...sorry! I promise I will always write in English from now on!

kia said...

hello to all the cool moms,
I have just spent 30 minutes to write and I have lost everything! Uffa, I will write you soon, now I have to go to the denstist...
I'm glad to share this new writing exsperience with an italian cool mom! Ciao a presto,
have a good day
By the way what is your name? It missed me...Maybe I din't read carefllly, sorry I'm just so tired!

Cool Mama said...

My name is the way!

kia said...

Ciao Monica,
nice to meet you! From wich part of Italy are you come from? I'm from Verona and there are almost six years that I'm here in California. My husband is italian too and we mouved becouse he got a job offer.
Yesterday I started yoga after two years without practice and my body is in little pain this mornig.
Have you or the other moms try it before? It has helped me to be pregnant and now to find my energy again... This is what I'm hoping,,, It's a very healthy way to recharged your self from baby cry, changed diapers and etc. etc....
Today where are you moms going to spend all day with your little one? Any suggestion?
I'm thinking go to the zoo. It's nice place here in San Jose CA where babies can see some cool animals like montain lions, monkey, tropical parrots and a lot of other animals that I have never seen before and I don't remember their name. If you are interest I will find out for you... What I like more it's the pet area with goat and little horse which the bay can pet and feed... There is a big park with a very nice caroseul and different rides for babies like the dragon train. You can have an humburger if you like. Usually I take the kids menu' for me with a small humbuger and french fries. By the way I have to be carefull with my colesterol... I never had problems in Italy about it, but here the life style is not help you about it. The distance are pretty consistent so I'm always drive around... I walk a lot with a small baby you are constantly moving, but it's not enough! Watch out with your food cool moms!( I'm thinking to start to cook my own whole biscuits for brekfast, here I don't find all the whole good food that I was eating in Italy... What about the food situation in New York... Can you find a good italian food)?

I'm wondering what do you do in New York? Here we have a lot Parks and green area... The temperature it's always nice even during the winter you can spend an hour to the park in the early afternoon because it's not so cold.
Have a good day to everyone, nice to write you