Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Slow Down Please, You Little Brain Of Mine

I always heard other women commenting that after you give birth you become a full tank of ideas and inspirations. Not quite sure if this is also due to the crazy raging hormones driving you bananas or just a series of eureka moments.

All I know is that my poor little brain has never been so restless before.

I literally want to become anything and anybody.

For a few months I really wanted to become a fashion designer. Children clothing, to be exact.

All I could think of was these cute little clothes hanging all over my apartment and me happily sewing away, faster then a Chinese lady at a sweatshop.
Needless to say that even though I absolutely love fashion, I have no clue on how to use a sewing machine.

So of course, with the support of my loving husband off I go to buy a sewing machine and start taking sewing classes.

The whole thing lasted about 8 weeks…and at the end of it, I realized that I’m not really a “detailed oriented” person…and…(who knew?) you really have to be patient in order to sew a decent frock?

Then I wanted to be a nurse.

I love taking care of people, especially kids and I would do anything in my power to keep them healthy and happy.

Nothing wrong with it…you may think!

Minor detail: I faint at the sight of a drop of blood. Hmmm…now, that’s challenging!
Just imagine me trying to stick a needle in some poor innocent being...and faint at the same time (and of course I will end up poking myself to death with the same needle!).

Two months later I wanted to be a lawyer…I mean COME ON!

Is this happening to you as well, mommies out there? Please let me know…I just wanna make sure I’m ok and I won’t end up in a psych ward with no cable TV and hopefully a pair of shoelaces to hang myself!

DCP: Save yourself a bucket of cash and think twice before adventuring yourself in something you’re not really sure...like patternmaking, learning Swahili or becoming a personal trainer. They all sound very useful…but let’s be honest here: When on earth are you going to train somebody from Africa who doesn’t speak English, wearing a pair of sweatpants you designed?


Marian said...

HhAhaha I didnt know it was something common for post-partum but yeah, I' ve gone through the same. What with becoming a stay at home mom...driving myself insane being at home all day, Ive thought of a million new carreers I could start from home (all ended in success, fame and wealth of course).
In the end I settled for getting my drivers license (useful)and started yoga...I thought it was gonna be a chance to relax but instead I go there and sweat my ass off...which leads to physical pain...and finnally relax (as I fall half dead asleep on our bed).

Ive been considering learning how to sew myself...though neatness ...not me.

Cool Mama said...

...I'm on to learn Chinese now! Go figure!

Mommee and Her Boys said...

So we come up with ideas... like writing food blogs?? lol

Your mom is a chef... and my daddy is a chef (here in the states, though)!!