Friday, August 17, 2007

A Taste Of The Old Days…(Part 1)

So tomorrow for the first time since Luca was born, we finally hired a babysitter and we are taking the night off.

We had a few moments of freedom in the past, but only when some of our friends felt bad for us and kicked our old asses out of the house and begged us to have some fun.

Oh, sweet smell of freedom! I can already taste it in my mouth…getting ready to go out, going crazy trying to find something to wear and ending up drunk on some fruity cocktail I will never remember the name of.

Yeah…everything sounds great. But will I be able to just chill and enjoy a night out without thinking of…(a crazy monster lady taking care of my little sweet boy, feeding him food off the floor and letting him cry alone in a corner, not giving him a little kiss goodnight, not rocking him long enough, trying on all my stuff, going through my drawers, calling Spain, Trinidad, Costa Rica and back again?)…

Oh boy, I really need a night out.

(To Be Continued…)

DCP: Reeelaaax! Babysitters are a wonderful thing and not just some evil people trying to kill your baby. And if they do, they certainly didn’t mean it.


Mommee and Her Boys said...

Freedom ROCKS! I went out ALONE last night with my sister. IT WAS AMAZINNGGG! I only called home twice, too. haha. Hope you have a blast! Enjoy being "you" and not "mommy"!

Marian said...

At least you got friends cool enough to kick you out, Ours haven't realized they are supposed to do that yet.
We went out too on Friday, to a very lavish wedding at a castle. High heels proved to be a challenge at first.. specially because medieval castles don't tend to have own fault.
It was fun. And the kid spent the night at his grandparents so we actually woke up the next day when WE wanted to, not when the Muppet started crying!
It was fun... still trying to recover from a fierce hang over though... :)