Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mama's Healthy Way

For the past few days I had the pleasure of witnessing (and cleaning up, unfortunately!) the biggest variety of poop, or better diarrhea ever existed.

Luca had a rough few days dealing with the evil colorful stuff coming out of his butt (yes, I thought I'd share every detail with you guys!) and I was honestly shocked to learn how many fucking shades of poop do exist. Really.

I have the feeling though that I had something to do with it…just a tiny tiny bit, and I tell you why. I absolutely LOVE soy milk, especially the vanilla flavored one and last week, in a moment of weakness, I gave Luca a little sip. He loved it so much that he gulped down a few more sips. Last thing I know he drank almost a whole cup!

Well…nothing wrong with it, I thought. What a good healthy little boy mama is growing here…look at him, he loves soy milk! So, while I’m all proud and happy about my little man, I’m thinking….hum…what about allergies? Noooooo, it can’t be! Soy it’s so good for you, right?

Right. But not if you are 10 months old and you’re intestine and digestive system is still the size of a peanut! So exactly 2 hours later a shit load of nasty stuff came flying out of his little butt.

Ever since that day his butt cheeks are fiery red and he screams every time I try to change his diaper. I do to. Mostly because changing his diaper now entails a mini-bath every time, to avoid irritating his skin with wipes and incorporating a 2 minutes cool air blow dry of his lower body. Sounds like fun, huh?

Well, all I can tell you is that next time I feel like sparing the moment and introducing another “fun food” to my little one…I will think about it veeeeery carefully.

Please note: I apologize for neglecting this blog in the past few days due to the obscene amount of poop-cleaning our lives were caught up with. We will keep you adjourned on the conditions and disasters caused by active baby volcano Luca. Goodnight and good luck!


Marian said...

Poor Luca!
You know what I find weird though, in Argentina and The Netherlands (to quote two places I know) soy milk is given to babies whom are lacto intolerant...and my kid and nephews, while on vacations in Argentina, have drunk gallons of it with no problems. Lots of protein ad vitamins. Maybe it has to do with which type...or maybe its just something else altogether...teething?? that can cause flying colorful poop and red butts..dunno. Just a thought. Even though it might well be the soy milk, in some other places in the world its drunk by babies pretty maybe...not?

Sorry, maybe this confuses the panorama even more. Im just trying to help you with the guilt part hahaha

I love soy milk too.

Cool Mama said...

You know, now that I think of it...I've given Luca tofu in the past and he was fine. Who knows!

Mommee and Her Boys said...

lol Wow. That's really all I can say... wow. haha. I hate flaming poo... Adam seems to just go through stages of it. Once every two weeks or so, his body decides to just empty... all day... in the worst way possible. It's beautiful, let me tell ya. haha.

Adam likes soy milk, too. He also eats Edamame like it's going out of style. Veggie burgers and dogs go over well, with him, too.

(hmm maybe that's why he has the flaming poo?!)