Monday, October 29, 2007

Knitting Fever

The reason why I have been slacking around here (and around the house) it’s because lately I started knitting. I always dreamt of making cute little baby sweaters and stuff, but never really had the time or the patience to actually start.

Then about a month ago I was cruising around the arts and craft section at the bookstore and came across a really cool book about knitting…and the rest is history.

Just the idea of me resembling an old lady, sitting all day long on a rocking chair knitting her lifelong sweater didn’t really appealed to me. Then once I started I was hooked.

It’s kind of a healthy version of crack cocaine…but at least it won’t kill ya! Once you begin a project all you can think of is to finish it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to see what it looks like.

Now, as you all know, I’m a very impatience person so I have to see the results IMMEDIATELY. Yes, ask me how many fucking time I had to restart the same scarf because I either ripped a hole in it or missed 10 stitches for going too fast? Too many.

But it’s all good. It’s kind of a brain exercise. You know, the one where I learn to be PATIENT which I’m sure is one of those things that will come in handy in life…right?

Meanwhile, Luca is sporting all kind of cool staff thanks to Mommy new addiction. Today, for example, we were at the library and this cute gay couple came up to us and said: “Oohh my gaaad, he’s soo cute and definitely the best dressed baby I have seen in NYC!”

Luca looked at me with a quizzical expression of appreciation and maybe a little disgust too.

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Marian said...

ahahaha I do the same! Well, no I've stopped a bit. But Seba hast a couple of sweaters, and cardigans and even vests... It relaxes me to knit. Now Iḿ hooked on this book so, I sent half the day reading it and ignoring the world around me!