Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Silence Of The Lambs

When I told my husband how many children I really want...he stopped talking to me.
For the past 24 hours he's been avoiding me and he's even scared to breathe next to me, in case that will get me pregnant.

Ahh boys, they always think their brain wears underwear!


Patriot said...

How many kids do you want?!

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Marian said...

hahahaahaaa Your poor terrified husband.
How many kids do you want, anyways? Does it involve winning the lottery to be able to support them?

Brittany said...


Cool Mama said...

Kinda of winning the lottery! I really would like 4 to 5...but I think I will have to settle for 3 (if I can squeeze them out of him!)
You have to understand...I was an only child and my family is not big at all, so I have been dreaming of those holiday dinners and get together forever.
On the contrary, my husband was an only child as well and LOVED it.
But yes, living in NYC with even 2 kids you need to win something...anything!

Marian said...

Yours would be the first small italian family?