Friday, October 5, 2007

A Little Corner of Paradise

I know these pictures don't really pay justice to the beautiful little beach we have being spending time at while in Italy...but hey...all I had was my little crappy phone.

I thought about bringing my professional camera, but due to the size of it, it was either that or the kid.

You can't really tell, but the water is emerald green and we used to spend long hours of the day laying down on the rocks tanning and relaxing (I mean me laying down while Luca was too busy eating a pound of sand a day).

The air is breezy in the morning and thicker in the long afternoons. The smell of tanning lotion, sun and salt fills the air until sundown while the voices and the laughter from the promenade spread through the night.

When the lady selling warm doughnuts and fresh focaccia parks her little stand by the steps everybody runs to get a little piece heaven. And these long hot summer days, will be your lifelong childhood memories.

The name of the city is Pesaro and it's a cute little jewel on the Adriatic Coast.

So just you the next few days I'm gonna play a little National Geographic on you and show you all the places we have visited in Italy that I love.

Yep...all on my camera phone!

What is your favorite place/city/town/village/hole and why? Show me a picture if you can or describe it as it appears to you when you think of it or when you close your eyes.


Marian said...

Ahhh the beach.... my childhood memories are of the beach...playing all day with sibblings and cousins...

THis is a picture of a sunset on the beach where I grew up, a small city in the south of Argentina.

Cool Mama said...

That is beautiful Marian!
Isn't it amazing how sometimes our memory can take us back to the places we love by just closing our eyes, remembering a detail or by a familiar smell?