Monday, October 8, 2007

Honey Start Cracking Up Some Barry White Please

For the past week or so I have this incredible desire of having another baby. It’s something that I can’t really explain, like a sudden urge that takes up your all body and mind and won’t let go.

It started with just the idea of what life would be with another little boy or girl. Then it became kind of a curiosity to see how Luca would react with a sibling. Would he be jealous, caring and loving towards a little sister or just a little selfish animal with a younger brother?

Then the idea became a possibility. Hmm…what IF we actually had another baby?!

Now, it’s a fucking obsession to the point that I found myself staring at preggo women and newborns on the street with that kind of I ENVY YOU, I WANT YOUR LITTLE BABY type of look. And, as you can imagine, doesn’t look so good and it REALLY scares people away.

So I thought…hold on a minute, all I need is a touch of reality to make me realize that this is just another crazy idea of mine and who’s better then my dear husband to smack me in the head with it?

At the word “pregnant” alone the poor bastard started to tremble and I could see replaying in his mind the few, very few times we had sex in the past couple of months and trying to figure out how the heck he could have done it again.
When he was 98.9% sure that that wasn’t his doing, he took a long breath and said: “What?”

Then he started mumbling that maybe it is too soon, the apartment is too small, is money going to be enough?...and blah, blah, blah.

And guess what? After all his mumbling and bitching around now I REALLY want a baby.

I told him that this month after my period, we’re gonna start trying, so that by July we’ll have a little one. That’s it. End of the story. Is this or else. (I actually threaten to find sperm somewhere else, as long as he didn’t mind raising someone else’s kid).

He’s answer after all this: “Talking about performance anxiety huh?”

Tell me what do you think. Am I rushing into it? Is it going to be absolutely crazy around here with 2 kids under 2? Keep in mind though that I always wanted to have kids very close in age, so that they can go through life together. I was an only child and hated it. My husband was an only child and loved it. Who’s right?


Marian said...

Oh my god! this must be some kind of general womenly phase, cos Im right there myself!
The first 6 months after Seba was born I swore I was never EVER going to have another child. thing were kinda rough for me at the beginning. Now Seba is almost 16 months and Im doing the same thing... looking at babies and wondering how nice it'd be to have another one. I told my husband and he said: well, this means that we will have to start having LOTS more sex then...hahaha like you said, sex hasn't been abundant these past year.. mostly because we are so tired by the en of the day that we look at each other and just fall asleep kissng...hahah
So then I started with all the rational stuff... like, if we have them close to each other then it'd be sooner for me to go to back to work as oppossed to having them 4yrs apart (this taking in account that nannies and things of the kind are so incredibly expensive here, that it is cheaper for me to just stay home than go to work and earn money which would go all away paying for said nanny).
Funnily enough, either my husband really wants to have LOTS LOTS more sex, or lots more babies... but he agreed, no problem.
Now Im scared. I find no resistance to any of my plans...hahahah

Brittany said...

Ok, so I am sitting here shaking my head and laughing. Not because I think you're crazy, or because I don't think you should do it... but because I HAVE BEEN THERE- and I obviously DID it.

When Adam was 10 months old, I HAD to
have another baby. It was that crazy feeling you were just explaining. So, we tried...and one month later --boom-- Matthew was conceived.

Here's my advice:

1) Don't steal another person's child and don't kick the pregnant ladies on the street- not so nice.

2) Sex during second pregnancy seems to suck...and doesn't happen nearly enough (for the man). BUT sex after second baby...well... let's just say for some reason it's SO much better.

3) Remember that the second pregnancy means that you ARE going to show sooner and your boobs WILL be larger than the first time.

4) Is having two children under the age of two hard? YES. The hardest thing I have EVER done. But it is POSSIBLE to do.

& the money side of it isn't that bad! I am at home, my husband works AND we are both in school (well, A is done in two weeks- WOO), and we haven't had to skimp on anything.

5) Is it worth it? YES! I wouldn't take it back for anything. My boys are the happiest part of my life.

6) Do the husbands remember what to do after 19-24 months? NO! What in the hell is that about? Or is it a ploy to make you do everything??? hmmm.... So, don't let them get away with it.

Ummm that's all :)

GO FOR IT! It really is worth it :)

Cool Mama said...

Great! What I get from both of you is ZERO resistence when I was hoping for just a little bit!
Oh well...I guess I will keep you posted on my sex adventures and baby-making news...I just have to get my hubby really drunk!!
I know he's dying for a little girl, but he's the very rational-let's not rush into it-type of guy, while I'm a big carpe diem type of girl. Huh..I guess opposite attracts.