Monday, October 1, 2007

Survivor – My Husband That Is

Yeees! We made it…back! The trip to Italy was wonderful and we even ended up changing our return dates and bumped it up an extra week, leaving my poor husband all alone in his misery her in NY.

Luca was having a blast and the weather was just amazing…so it would have been really a shame to come back so soon. Plus the beach, the ocean the sun…these are all great things for Luca…right? (shhh…this is what I told my hubby over the phone when I announced that we were not coming back…hehehe).

I can’t wait to fill you in the details, but right now I’m a little bit sleepy. We landed about 30 hours ago and let me tell ya….JET-LAG IS A BITCH.

Give me a few days of sleep (yeah…I wish) and I’ll be back to shine.


Marian said...

I was starting to wonder if you hd decided to stay in Italy after all!
How was the flight? did the french treat you ok?
Gad you made it back safe! ;)

Brittany said...

yay! Welcome back :)