Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Tribute To The First Year Of Your Life

Happy little angel. I can't believe that today you are 1 year old. First because it went too fast and second because I feel 100 years older. I think it's because of all the beauty sleep I missed and all the wrinkles I have to show for...but I tell you was all worth it!
Here are some photos of you from the past 12 months, starting from the the first minute of your life.



Brittany said...

AWWW! :) Those photos are SO precious! :) Congratulations on making it a year- that's a big pat on your back, too! :)

Patriot said...

I like the sleeping picture the best!

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Marian said...

I must be going crazy cos I thought I had posted here already.

Anyways, HAppy Birthday Luca! and happy "making it through the first year, Mom" day...hahaha

Those pictures are beautiful!