Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 obvious signs that show you’re not really a grown up yet

1) Every time you take a trip or visit a new city, you bounce up and down on your hotel bed with excitement.

2) You feel and shake presents before opening them.

3) Planning a party or a vacation throws you in a complete state of excitement that you can’t sleep at night.

4) Getting ready with a friend is as good as going out. Often even better.

5) You respond to your mom’s questions by rolling your eyes.

6) You are always thrilled by being able to order anything you want from a menu.

7) Sometimes your lunch consists of dry cereal.

8) You are still shopping for clothes at Forever 21.

9) You can't resist licking the cake bowl.

10) Disneyworld is the best fun you have ever had.

Well...cheer up..you're not alone!

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