Sunday, July 8, 2007


The world has gone mad.

Yes, the world has gone mad about a phone. No doubts it is one of the greatest phones ever invented, I have to admit, being a HUGE Mac fan…but still.

It is one of the most talked about gadgets in the history of technology.

I remember the day I saw the TV commercial for the first time, I was like a little kid in a candy store. It looked like the coolest thing ever…and the music, the music was just so sweet. Everybody has being waiting for this little piece of perfection to finally come out and play. Well…it did, at a very sweet price too!

What amazes me the most is that even my son is totally in love with it (I guess even at the tender age of eight months he feels entitled to have one). Mostly with the TV commercial. You should see how is little face brightens up every time he hears that song. He could be wailing and kicking, but the moment that commercial is on he becomes the sweetest baby on the block, with a big smile on his face. He just stares at the TV screen in complete adoration. Sometimes I even rewind it and play it over and over (don’t’ you love DVR?).

I’m just waiting for the day he will open his mouth and say his first sentence and I will not be surprised if he says: “Mommy, I want an iPhone!”

After all, I want one too.

DCP: It is the perfect gadget for busy moms. The resolution is amazing and you can take so many beautiful pictures of you little ones. You just have to justify to yourself why are you spending $500/600 for a phone? For the price I was hooping it will come complete with a maid, a nanny and a personal chef!


Marian said...

It is way too expensive I think. Its cool and all, but WOHA! its just a freakign phone!!! in less than a year there will be a new model, at the same price or higher, adn you are gonna still be busy paying for the first one! hahaha Im not much of a gadget, dont really care. I havent heard the song, the commercial is not on the dutch tv (or german, french, spanish, bbc, belgium...I have those channels...).

Plus (take this as you want, maybe even as trying to look for excuses why I wont buy one.. :) ), Apple is beeen singled out as the company which more polutes the Im not recycling my ass off here to go and buy that. thankyou!

Cool Mama said...

...hmmm...ok I tried to tell myself about the whole recycling thing...and trust me..I'm all for saving the planet and stuff....but I still want one!
Damn it!