Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Doggy Life

Besides being the proud parents of a very energetic, a bit neurotic and definitely adorable baby boy, my husband and I also have a little daughter. Not exactly a human being, but more in the form of a canine being. Her name is Dolce and she is a 3 and half pound teacup Maltese dog.

We got her about 4 years ago when she was barely 2 months old and resembled the size of a grapefruit.

Needless to say that she has always been the indisputable Queen of the house…until of course King Luca made his appearance.

She used to be the center of the attention pretty much 24 hours a day and subconsciously our very primitive parenting test. We used to joke around that if we ever killed the little dog…we would never even consider a baby.

So you can just imagine her disappointment when all of a sudden this little screaming sack of potatoes named Luca, took over the whole apartment.

She went from being the Queen Bee to Second Class Citizen.

From sleeping 21 hours a day, to barely taking a full nap without being pulled 25 times by the ears or tail.

Of course Luca has an admiration for this little white furry thing. Who wouldn’t. He stares at her, laughs at her and wants to bite a piece of her on a daily basis.

So it was with a sight of relief that while we were away, Dolce spent the last few days in a little doggy spa.

Yes. Go ahead, have a laugh. I would too. After all, we are the dummy ones stuck with the in-laws, while the bloody dog is having the time of her life. And she usually hates those places, giving me always the bad looks when I drop her off…like I’m actually abandoning her.

Not this time.

This time she was so happy to see the attendant that didn’t even bother to say goodbye.

When I picked her up today, she looked pampered, relaxed and without any dark circles under her eyes.

While of course I looked like a train wreck after spending an exhausting weekend on a 3 hours sleep per night because of a teething infant scared of a crappy hotel crib.

C’est la vie!

DCP: Dear husband, don’t even think that I spent the past weekend zombing around, loaded on caffeine and chocolate while trying to look pretty for your family for nothing.
I think I very well deserve a few hours of bliss…like, let’s say…(hint) a full body massage (minimum 180 minutes), a foot massage (at least 30 minutes) and a facial treatment. You can just drop off the gift certificate on my desk or place it under my pillow, if you prefer. Love ya!

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