Monday, July 30, 2007

Clap, Clap, Clap…(Here goes another milestone!)

Saturday afternoon we attended one of Luca’s little friend’s birthday party. Sofia (the little friend) was 1 year old and threw a lovely bash in Central Park.

This was the very first party (and I’m sure one of many) Luca ever attended and it was so cute to watch him play with other little ones.

He was the “baby” of the group since everybody else was very close in age to the birthday girl…but he definitely stood up for himself.

He watched them very carefully, trying to imitate every movement, including walking (and falling on his butt…of course!) and I was amazed when he started clapping away with a big smile on his face.

There he was…my little boy had conquered yet again another milestone and I was so proud of him.

He’s been clapping ever since...


Marian said...

I almost cried the day my son clapped... so roud I felt.
And today, he finnally walked 5 steps without holdin on to anything. Amazed we were.

Cool Mama said...

Wow! I can't wait for the day Luca is gonna walk by himself...even though everybody tells me it's the end of my freedom! (What freedom? I think that was all over the moment he was born!)

Mommee and Her Boys said...

aw he's so cute!! I love how you do his hair. I always try to comb Adam's hair to the side, and Andy says I make Adam look like a dork... haha.