Monday, July 23, 2007

Spin City

One of my favorite activities to do with my little one has always been walking.
I enjoy taking long strolls around the city with Luca happily observing the world around him (until he gets bored and starts screaming at the other pedestrians).

And boy, I love pushing that stroller! Sometimes I get so competitive (with myself) that I start speed walking around the city like a mad woman. I go uptown, downtown east or west…you name it and I want to go there. I just wish I had a little horn attached to the buggy to clear my way from all the clumsy New Yorkers.

Train? What train? If I just think about the hassle of going up and down the stairs with the stroller, waiting for it and having to deal with all the crazy people on it…no, thank you. I much rather walk.

Maybe the desire comes from the fact that this is really the only type of exercise I ever do and before I turn fifty and have the muscle tone of an anchovy, I better do something about it.

(Actually anchovies swim, so I’m pretty sure they need some muscles for that!)

Or maybe it has to do with the fact that my mom never had a driving license so she used to drag me around the city like a little donkey, until I actually started to enjoy it because of the gigantic ice-cream-reward-deal I used to get out of it.

My reward now is a protein bar...which probably has way more fat and calories then an ice cream anyway.

Oh, screw it!

Haagen-Dazs here I come!

DCP: If you want to keep it a little lighter and not constantly feel guilty for slurping down your usual pint of coffee-vanilla-Belgian-chocolate, try Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt. It is much lighter then a regular ice cream and they trick you down with the option of adding 3 fruit toppings of your choice…so you’re actually believing it’s good for you!
It’s really low calories though….just don’t eat a gallon a day (hmm…like I do!).


Marian said...

I like walking with my baby too. We just came back from vacations and we spent the week hicking. Lucky me though, Seba (my baby) enjoyed it all from a baby bagpack that my husband was carrying. He had tons of fun from up there. I have to try giving him an ice cream WHILE on that bagpack... I want to see the ice cream melting on my husband's shoulders... little sticky hands grabbing his hair... hahahaha oh Im evil...hahaa

Cool Mama said...

Hi Marian!
Welcome back! Was this your vacation in Germany? How did it go? I'm contemplating to go to Italy to visit my family...but unfortunately I will have to do it all by myself, because my husband will be busy working. I don't think I can do it! Can you imagine an 8 hours flight plus 3 hours by train to get to a town on the Adriatic Coast? AAAArrrgghhhhh!!

Marian said...

YEs, I can imagine. Last January I took a train to Brussels, then another to Paris and then a 15hour flight down to Buenos Aires Argentina. Once there (other side of the planet, went from -1C here to 35C over there), had a night at a hotel and again, on a plane to cover the 1,000km that separates Buenos Aires from my hometown in Patagonia. All of these alone (husband had to work, came later), carrying laguage, diper bag, passports...the whole thing. Turns out that I got a load of help from everyone... flight attendants were always helpful and playful! everyone playing with Seba. He slept for most of the trips anyway. He is not a crayish baby so he would entertain himself with whatever. I travelled with Air France and they had loads of stuff for babies (including baby food and gifts). So it was not as bad as I thought it'was going to
be. I did arrive at my parents house and said.. here, your grandson... Im going to sleep! hahaha but it was Ok.
I think what makes you nervous the most is all the security meassures and, milk, no milk.. water, dipers...blaaaaaaa! I actually had preference treatment because of Seba. Always first in, first out. no standing in line...nothing. you cant do it too!