Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sweet Notes

Today while we were sitting in the park, Luca handed me a little blue piece of paper. It was something he had found on the grass while playing and it was a folded note with a poem written on it.

I was very fascinated by it and started wondering about it. Maybe these were the words of a young teenager in love, or maybe those of a loving spouse. Or maybe those of a famous poet.

This is what it says:

If ever a truth or love be told,
If ever was cherished of growing old,
If ever was warmed whenever was cold,
If ever's forever then everything is you...

If pure could be written or shivers sang,
Or touch could be spoken or looks exhaled,
If tingles and tears could be given through this,
Then I'd give you all that in one sweet kiss...

If nothing was all,
If ever had been
If nothing need be but the place nothing's in,
If you were just you and I me,
We'd be as happy as any could be...

(Keep digging for little treasures, my sweet little boy!).


Marian said...

Maybe Luca wrote it! AAAAH *gasp* right, ok. That is so nice. Maybe there is someone out there missing the lov poem that was written for him/her...
Its a very nice little poem indeed.
Left you a comment in the post bellow.

Cool Mama said...

Hi Marian,
Thank you so much for your reassuring comments...I hope I can say if you did it, I can too.
Only little problem is...I'm a total cluts and I can barely manage a stroller and a baby around the city, so this trip would be an adventure (Indiana Jones style!).
I will keep you posted if I ever decide to make it!

Mommee and Her Boys said...

What a VERY cool thing to find!!! It's better then finding needles, drugs, empty beer bottles, etc... haha....

Alexandra said...


I just found the exact same thing in the back pocket of a pair of jeans i bought the other day! I thought perhaps that someone had perviously purchase these and returned them to the store leaving the note inside, so i decided to have a look and see what i could find on google, and i found your blog! Mine is exactly the same as yours, so i do think it is a beautiful token from the desgner that comes with each pair of jeans - this makes even more sense as the brand is twentyeighttwelve, which is by Sienna Miller and her sister, named after Siennas birthday 28th December, and the peoem is on the 28th December diary page. Do they sell this brand in New York, as it would be a bit strange if they didnt as i am in Lodnon!

I think its perhaps one of the moet beautiful poems i have read, and it was a lovely surprise.


Alexandra said...
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eilidh said...

I found in the back pocket of my jeans too!

Such a lovely surprise!

Mari said...

hehe! I found one in the back pocket of my jeans, cool! :)

Cambria Schuck said...

I came across this blog & was so freaked out! Found them in the pocket of my jeans as well :)