Monday, July 16, 2007

Gated Community

My ferocious research in the past few days for the perfect baby gate…has finally paid off. I searched the net like a mad woman, reading each and every review about every possible playpen and baby gate ever invented…until I found it!


Have you ever tried to entertain a nutty 9 month old for 32 hours a day? (Yes, the days are very long when you have kids).

Well, I tried and honestly there is only so much peek-a-booing, funny faces and rolling of the eyes a mother can take before cracking under pressure and start shopping around for a cute doggy gate…er…I mean playpen.

The moment I clicked “Buy now” on the Target website I started daydreaming about my lost freedom. What does it feel like to actually go to the bathroom without being reminded that you only have 5 seconds to do your business?

Or getting dressed without the constant fear of actually leaving the house in your pj’s…because, yes you do remember taking it off, but you really don’t remember putting it back on?

I can’t even tell you when UPS rang my doorbell to deliver the goodies. I was in heaven.

It was assembled in the blink of an eye and baby Luca was happily cruising around like a show dog.


I just hope I didn’t end up compromising the whole living room space for what looks like a mini amusement park and end up again with a bored kid. It’s only being 3 days since we had it and so far no complaints.

I know at one point I will probably have to crawl in there and play with him to keep him busy…but until that day I’m gonna enjoy adulthood a little longer.

DCP: If your husband complains about the fact that you're buying waaay to many toys to keep your little one busy…remind him that it’s just for your own sanity. Happy baby = Happy wife = Happy husband!

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Mommee and Her Boys said...

That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Poor Adam was gated in a boring ol' blue pack 'n' play, with a scattering of toys. Maybe I will have to spoil Matthew, when he's older, and get him that trendy little thing.

Oh, and don't worry about missing Matthew! I'm missing the world, as blogging seems to be my only outside source, for me, right now! So... go live for me! :)