Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boys Rule

A year ago today I found out that I was having a boy! I had an appointment at the hospital for the Anatomy scan, where they measure your baby’s bone lengths, check the vital organs and tell you the sex if you want. I know you’re probably thinking: “Who the fuck cares lady!”, but for me it was a complete shock! Every single bloody person I knew (besides a couple of my work colleagues) told me that I was having a girl and I was in heaven because I did want a little girl. I’m such a “girly girl” that to me was absolutely obvious that God would only pair me with a “mini me”. To make things worse, my mom calls me one Sunday afternoon to tell me that she had a dream about my little girl. Now…how can you go wrong with your mama’s dream, right? Don’t forget that I’m Italian, born and raised and for us every dream is a premonition…or whatever that means. I guess that was not the case.
My jaw dropped to the floor when the ultrasound technician told me that I was expecting a boy. I bluntly asked: “ A whaaat?” and obviously I felt really bad when my husband was ecstatic while I kept asking to double check if she was right.
That was it…all my dreams of playing dress up dolls, cooking lessons with mommy and shopping galore were all out the window. I had no idea on how to raise a boy. What the hell do they do all day? Do I have to play tracks, robots and dinosaurs with him? Soccer and basketball? What about my nails and my clothes? I hate mud on my shoes! All I could think of was this pimply, scruffy teenager walking around the house doing absolutely nothing but scratching his balls.

Well, the good thing is that now I love that little boy more then anything and I will cherish every single minute of his life.

DCP: If you wanted a little girl so bad…don’t forget you can try next time. If that’s not the case, look at the bright side: A boy will always love and take care of his mommy!
Put on jeans and a t-shirt and get down and dirty on the playground with your little man. Don’t be afraid of being a thumb boy once in a while, it will definitely keep you in shape and you can always hit the nail salon later.

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