Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time goes by....and I ain't no spring chicken anymore...

Yes, my friend, time goes by and before you know it your little one is off to college. Luca turned 7 months yesterday and I'm already having nightmares about him growing up, being a goofy teenager with a husky voice and the few facial hair that he will refer as cool mustaches. Aaaarrgghhh! I know why I wanted a girl in the first place! Not that they are any easier...but at least I know what to expect. In a way I'm kind of relieved because I know daddy will have to do most of the work...like the "becoming a man talk" and the "sex talk" which scares the crap out of me!!

Meanwhile...time goes by and if we don't start talking about "baby number 2" I will probably have no eggs left or probably realize too late that the few I had are now all rotten!
Yes, you start doing the math and wonder what the hell happened to the last 10 years? Hold on, you got married at 27, changed your job at 28, twice, then at the big 30 you realized that this was the last shot at finding a job you at least enjoyed. At 31 you decided to party a little more....same for your 32nd birthday. Then at 33 the big decision...out of the blue...."Honey, let's have a baby!". You knew you always wanted a little one running around, but it was never the right time.....well there you go...one shot was all it took!
I still remember the look into my husband's eyes that Sunday morning when I came out of the bathroom holding the pregnancy test with a big blue plus sign on. His ego was like: "You're the maaan! Good job guys!"...but his mind was like: "Shit! No way. That fast? I gotta put my shit together. I gotta make more money. Is my wife gonna get fat? Does that mean no more sex? Ooohhh...I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?".
And here we are...15 months later from that day and still wondering what hit us!

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