Monday, May 14, 2007

First Mother’s Day

So this is it...your first Mother’s Day! You finally realize that your whole youth went down the drain and now you have a little bundle of joy to care for. He looks at you, you look at him trying to anticipate his next cry…hold on…Did I change his diaper? Did I feed him? Did he burp? Where’s my glass of wine? you do need one of those once in while!
Today is your day Mommy! The day you always thought was dedicated to your Mom or the older lady next door with 3 kids and 7 nieces and nephews. Yes, this is the day where Daddy is in charge, even though he looks miserable with season allergies and a fussy 6 months old in his arms. This is the day your hubby takes you out for brunch where everybody else’s and their mother is having brunch. The day where you spend time prepping up your little labour of love for people to admire, choosing the cutest little clothes and spiking up the few little hair on top of his head with that special organic baby pomade. And even though you look younger (a lot younger… hehe!) then all the other mommies in the room…it’s finally hitting you that your life is over! But don’t’s not over, you just have to say good-bye to the long nights out with your friends, the time alone with your husband, the last minute vacations and anything spontaneous you have ever done before. Now everything takes planning, even the usual boring trip to the supermarket needs at least half an hour of prep work. The “Carpe Diem” motto is a distant memory now!

To think that just a couple of years ago you used to be so cool. Your closet was filled with sexy tops and tight jeans and everybody used to call you to find out the latest hangouts. Then pregnancy hit and the sexy tops became oversized grandma hand me downs with matching nursing bras, the tight jeans became big comfy drawstring pants and the coolest place you’ve been lately was Jamba Juice for a refreshing strawberry smoothie that so much resembles your old Daiquiri, minus the best ingredient of course.
So, to all the mommies that like me love motherhood but still want to celebrate everything life has to offer…after all life doesn’t stop because you have a baby…join me to celebrate our daily struggle to stay cool. Let’s show the world that you can still be fashionable with your ballerina flats, instead of your stilettos and that you’re still able to stay awake past midnight on your girl’s night out. Remember, no matter how old you are, you’re still young and beautiful…the only difference is that you have to buy some more hair products!


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