Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Swing Baby Swing

I've always dreamt about spending a nice and quiet afternoon at the park, with Luca happily sitting in his stroller, chewing on his favourite toy. In my dream I'm either reading a book or writing on my journal, while there are happy little kids running around....well obviously that dream didn't take place in a New York City park and definitely the baby in the stroller wasn't my son Luca.
So far it's always been pretty much like this: get there early enough to grab a sit in the shade, before all the nannies in the neighborhood take over...I mean...really take over, to the point that you can't even stand in the shade because you are in their way! (can you believe that shit?!)
This barely happens because don't forget that now you have a baby, so getting to places early is totally out of the question. So, when you finally get there and find a little spot after you have passed the attentive scrutinies of all them (because you actually are one of the few mom with their baby in the middle of Nanny-galore!) and zig-zagged your way through Bugabooland, you are completely exhausted! Now the fun begins.....
At first Luca is happily looking around, smiling and making funny noises. Then the "fidgeting" motion starts where you know he wants to get out of the stroller (with all the bloody money we spent on the Bugaboo I was hoping he wanted to spend the rest of his life in it!.....they even tell you it's like the Cadillac of strollers! Bollocks!...great sale pitch though...), but you're still hoping that something else will distract him. Nope! So here we are, off to the swings. Now make sure you really try to last as long as you can at the swings, because this is really all you've got at the park for a 7 months old! Well...let's not forget all the gossiping around with all the other mommies, if there are any. Ohhh...I could really get down and dirty with some serious NYC gossips, but I won't do that.....not because I'm a prude, simply because I won't have enough bloody megabites available on this blog! I promise though to tell the best ones here and there.

After I took about 3 trips back and forth to the swings, feed Luca a little snack and every ounce of milk I had brought with me, I realize it's time to go home. So much for a day at the park huh? All it matters though is that Luca is happy and quite exhausted at the same time and before I know it, he will be too running around with everybody else....I just hope not too soon.

Quick note for you, my dear readers: at the end of each post you will find a “Daily Cool Pill”. This is a quick fix from an “ex cool gal” who is now a “yummy mommy”!

Daily Cool Pill (DCP): If it’s a hot day and you’re planning to spend a few hours at the park, try this quick and easy style to keep your hair neat while you’re playing around with your little munchkin. Tilt your head down and brush your hair from back to front. Come back up and secure it in a ponytail, pulling tight the sides and leaving the top a little loose and higher to form kinda of a Mohawk. Just a little hairspray on top will keep your hair together. If your hair is in a bob and too short for a ponytail, just gather the front section of your hair and secure it back with a couple of pins, leaving it a little loose on top.

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