Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Tooth

Today, like a little person standing up in Luca’s mouth and waiving hello, I saw, or better, felt his first tooth. The little guy has been playing peekaboo for quite a few weeks now, waiting for the right moment to come out and play.
Sometimes I feel so lame telling you guys all this stuff, but I guess when you’re a mom (especially a new one) everything is great news, like: “Hey, my kid pooped a tan today and it was all nasty and green! Good for you”. Or “Hey, little Henry ate the whole jar of carrot baby food, he loves his veggies,,,God he loves his veggies!”….and so on.

I know I will laugh my ass off sometime in the next couple of years reading back all this stuff and thinking: “What the hell was that? Was I on crack?”…but for now, please bare with me! I’m still a new mom and loving every minute of it!

DCP: If your little one likes to chew on your finger to practice with his new little tooth, wear one of those soft finger toot brushes. It will make him happy and at the same time you won’t bleed to death from his bites!

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