Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Today I finally took the bull by the horns (or better…the Manolos by the heel) and decided to clean my closet. It took me exactly 3 hours, which is probably pretty much the time it will take you to run a fucking marathon…go home and take a shower!
I was amazed at how much junk I’m able to accumulate and the tougher part was to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.
I found myself still hanging on to those couple of maternity pieces, the good ones of course, that you’re still trying to wear even though you gave birth ages ago.
The ones that are still flattering your not-so-perfect-post-baby-body and are simply so forgiving that you want to hold on for just a little longer. I spent about half an hour in front of the mirror trying everything on and then realized that there was no way in hell people were not gonna ask me if I’m expecting number dos, dressed like that!
So I sadly packed them away for any future pregnancy.

Then there is the stuff that doesn’t fit you, because…hmm, hmm… you still didn’t lose aaalll the weight and those couple of love handles are still in the way. You do your prayers every day and you’re hoping that somehow the Skinny Goddess will come overnight and suck away all those pounds…you don’t even care if your hips end up looking like a muffin top, you just want to fit in those bloody jeans. After so much pulling and tugging, enough to stop your blood circulation…you finally give up.
So, now you have to decide what to do with this stuff? Thaaat’s another dilemma right there. I hate getting rid of stuff, especially if I paid a lot of money for it and most likely yes…since I have to admit…I AM A FASHION WHORE! There you go…I said it!

I remember the time when I got pregnant and did another “famous” spring cleaning. I piled stuff left and right because I was determined to clean up my act and donate all the skimpy sexy clothes (not that many, I swear!) and buy some more mommy-easy-to-wear-stuff. And that’s when I become addicted to E-Bay! I was hooked. I finally found a way to make a little money back from all my precious stuff. I mean…come on…it’s bad enough that you are getting rid of it, so why not make a little dough to buy some more new stuff…right?
Well…it was getting out of hand and I was almost left with no clothes.

Since then I piled another box of goodies and between you and I…I can’t wait to put my hands on it, or better, my fingers on that computer keyboard and sell the crap out of it.

DCP: I love that little cute number in the photograph, by Rowena Sartin. It is definitely a sexy, yet elegant enough, black dress that you can wear to all your fabulous summer parties. And how can you ever go wrong with black anyway?

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