Wednesday, May 23, 2007

City Babe

New York City: The city that never sleeps. Here there is always something to do and for some reason there are always people on the street doing some kind of crazy shit. It’s the Big Apple, the place where people come to get their daily dose of stress and hope to make the big bucks. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in the whole wide world, especially on a holiday weekend when everybody is out of town and you can finally walk the streets without being pushed left and right.
There are 8 million people living here, 2 million dogs (I’m not kidding) and God only knows how many Bugaboos per block. The real estate prices are through the roof in this tiny strip of land, but yet nobody seems to mind…and if you do, well then you can just cross the tunnel and move to New Jersey.

People talk a lot here, mostly on their cell phones or to themselves. And if they’re not busy doing one of the other, they loooove to talk to you. Inevitably, every time I’m taking Luca for a walk around the city, I always come back home with a handful of advice, suggestions and of course criticisms. If I’m crossing a street, there is always the sweet old lady who tells me I’m too far out with the stroller and my baby and I can get killed by a crazy driver. Or if we are at the park, there is always somebody telling me to put a hat on Luca’s head…even if there is no sun in sight. God forbid Luca is crying, then I will have to hear a string of: “I think you should feed him, he definitely looks hungry. He needs to burp, yes, he definitely needs to burp or oh, poor thing, I think you should hold him, yes, yeees little one you want to be held don’t you?” and so on.
It makes me laugh, because most of the time all this happens right after Luca just ate a whole cow, burped like a caveman and he’s just crying because he farted in his pants and knocked himself in the head with his favorite toy!


DCP: Next time another obnoxious individual is trying to teach you how to be a mommy, keep your cool and politely tell them to go away! You can explain to them that your baby is crying because he doesn’t like strangers and he’s scared of unfamiliar faces. Unfortunately though, this won’t protect you from people coming up to you again, but it will, if you happen to meet the same people again. Trust me, they’ll remember you!

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