Saturday, May 26, 2007

Groove is in the air

So? How long has it been? Huh? Yes, you heard me…how long has it been since you and your man spent some intimate time together? Well, let’s see…since the birth of the baby, once…maybe twice! There you go. And now you are wondering why you’re stressed, tired and bummed out?
I know, I know this was probably the last thing on your mind in the last few months and come on… let’s be honest, it is sooo much work to finally get the energy to actually “do it”, get the mood going, start undressing and blah, blah, blah. Even if you have the perfect baby who sleeps 13 hours a night and gives you plenty of occasions to get down and dirty, for some strange reason every time you actually try…a million things seem to go wrong. Yes, you heard me…that famous “big sleeper” is now screaming on top of his lungs, it’s like he can hear or feel that you and daddy are doing something not quite right…like maybe making a little brother or sister? Hold on…I’ll go check on him, no wait, you stay…I’ll go. That was it. Now you’ll have to wait another couple of months!

Sometimes you just think of all the work involved and you rather…knit a sweater! No joke. And to think that for us girls it already takes a lot of guts to finally bare our body after procreation. I mean, I know it’s my husband and stuff, but still, I was pretty shy after the whole baby thing. Now I have “folds” around my waist that I’ve never seen before…I look like a fucking Shar pei.
Besides, we are always worried about all the stretching and pulling that went on down there that you can’t help wondering… what does it really feel like for him? Is it like throwing a stone off the Grand Canyon and wait for the echo? And what about us…heelloo? What if you needed a couple of more stitches, but your doc just got tired of staring at your “thingy”? What are you gonna do? Go back and beg for some more?

Well ladies, it’s time to find out. Get your groove back on and practice some lovemaking here. After all, you very well deserve it.
And by the way…let me know how it was. Er…no details please, just a general idea will do, thanks!

DCP: Sexy lacey lingerie usually works on hiding those annoying love handles. Guys are suckers for sexy stuff and it will keep their brain busy on other parts of your body…hopefully!

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