Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Million Dollar Baby

If you live in a big city like New York, you probably know the prices of real estate. Unless, of course you have been living under a rock or are one of the very lucky ones who inherited a piece of property. If you belong to the first group, well…stay where you are, because that rock is probably the cheapest home you will ever find, and if you belong to the second group…skip this post!
My husband and I have been renting forever and never wanted the headache of even thinking about buying a house. We both come from families where real estate has always been the best and most secure way of investing and saving money, so I thought that one day it would have been logical for us to buy something as well. The only little problem is….everything is so ridiculously expensive!
You either have to be a gazillionaire, marry one or find a little home somewhere in the hoods (read: move to a different state, most likely in the middle of nowhere).

Meanwhile, I’m watching one of those hideous show on the money channel. The one that wants to teach you how to become a millionaire and gives you all the tips and tricks of the trade and of course has the “real” millionaires as guests of honor. I’m staring at the TV with my mouth open like a 5 year old who’s watching Superman for the very first time, trying to catch every bit of advice and I’m thinking…yeah, it sounds so easy! The way Barbara Corcoran, Phil Town (who I think is hot, by the way!) and Loral Langemeier, the today’s guests and financial gurus, are talking, we should all be millionaires in a nanosecond. Sure, a little bit of investing here, a little bit of saving there and…oh…buy a property in the next 6 months. Well, guess what?...it aint that easy dammit!
And while I’m still sitting on my cloud, dreaming on how to make this insane amount of money they just promised me, my husband brings me back to reality. He can see my brain going cuckoo and knows how gullible I am with this stuff. So as usual, I will scream at him for a couple of minutes, then switch off the TV and make myself a Margarita!

DCP: If you can’t afford your million dollar house, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream it! Thank goodness, dreaming is one of the few free things left in life…so might as well enjoy it. The picture you see above is one of my favorite places, because it represents the quintessential NY loft urban living...(God I love all those words together!).

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