Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's going on down there?

Well, well, well…I finally did it. I’m a MOM! The incredible rush you feel as soon as your baby is born is absolutely amazing and at that moment you feel like you are invincible. For some strange reason nothing matters anymore. Those incredibly long 9 months of anticipation, the nights that you spent staring at the ceiling wondering how on earth you’re going to take care of a little human being and the anxiety of labor it’s all a distant blur now.

The moment the nurse handed me Luca, I knew that was it. I was now responsible for this little person for the rest of mine and his life….or at least until he’s 18 years old! I was still shaking from the epidural and all my hormones were going bananas…so all I did was weep!
He looked so beautiful and peaceful while he was taking a little nap and I was so busy admiring him that I totally forgot what was going on down below.
I forgot that now I had to give birth to the second baby (the placenta) and the doc was all busy squeezing and pushing my belly around.
Yuuck! That looked really nasty. It was just a blob of organs and blood, but the doc and the nurses were touching it and playing with it. Weirdos!

While my husband was quietly staring at his new son, I was just laying there exhausted, watching all the stuff that was going on down there. My legs were still spread opened and all I could see was the doc wiping the blood, squirting water and sewing, sewing and sewing. She told me that while pushing Luca out I ripped (yes, you got it right…r.i.p.p.e.d) and I needed some stitches. She was down there for the longest time though, to the point that I almost thought she was making a bloody dress!
I was thinking: This is it, my sex life is out the window and I will probably have the Grand Canyon down there after pushing out a 7 pounds 7 ounces baby. Please, please, please make sure you tight her up the way she was!
Needless to say that as soon as the anesthesia wore off I felt like they poured a whole bottle of disinfecting alcohol down there and I was incredibly sore. Peeing was almost an impossible task and it would take me about 30 minutes to just go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and finally have the guts to do it slooowwly.
Let’s not even talk about “number 2”. It’s like pushing a whole new baby out…good luck with that one!

So this was my labor! Not too bad huh? But then again, I have heard that I was one of the “really” lucky one so please don’t rely on my experience.
No matter how painful it is, you will forget it and do it all over in a heartbeat…I guarantee you!

DCP: Ditch that nasty hospital gown for your own beautiful one, darling! It’s ok to wear the ugly one during labor, but as soon as you’re done and you freshened up a bit, wear something nice. After all you just accomplished one of the biggest thing in your life, you should be proud of it and why not….feel good about it!
Show the doctors and your visitors that yes, you are a mommy now and you still have your sense of style. Always!

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