Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Breakfast in bed…anyone?

I don’t know why, but I always thought that having a baby entailed spending every night wide awake trying to console the little insomniac and being a total messy-sleep-deprived-nutcase during the day. While your little one is peacefully sleeping, of course.

During my last month of pregnancy, I tried to prepare myself, physically and mentally to waking up at the wee hours (ok…maybe not so much physically, but more mentally!)and pictured myself getting ready to take the baby out for a walk at 6 am.

The problem is that anybody who knows me or who has ever met me, would simply dying laughing at the thought of mee? Waking up at what time? To take who out? Yeah…that’s how much I LOVE to sleep.

Luckily, I have to admit, I never had to deal with this, since my little one is usually out cold by 9 pm and doesn’t wink until 12 hours later. When he finally wakes up, he has a little breakfast, plays around for another hour or so and then is out cold again for his morning nappy. So basically, we are never out of the house before 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

DON’T GET ME WRONG...I’m loving it (and sorry for the little brag), but I feel like sleep wise my life hasn’t changed, thank God! There are the occasional cries in the middle of the night when he’s having those famous “night terrors” (what are those anyway? Is he crying because he’s dreaming of a little monkey swinging on top of his head? Or is it a giant cat, scaring the bejesus out of him?) or when he pooped his pants…but that’s about it.

Alright, I officially jinx it and I will spend the rest of my life living like a zombie, with chronic dark circles under my eyes and hooked on crack cocaine.

Well…at least I'll be skinny!

Daily Cool Pill: For the occasional dark circles, due to a long night out, where you had waaay too many drinks and you ended up at that place…what’s the name of that bar that you like so much? Er…ooohh…sorry, that was my previous life!
I was saying…for those occasional dark circles, due to the stress of motherhood, try the Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Concealer. It’s very light on your skin, without the cakey texture of a heavy concealer and brightens up your skin at the same time. I love it!


Mommee and Her Boys said...

Adam sleeps for 12 hours at a time, too! That means my next one is going to be up all night and never sleep... It's just karma, right?

Marian said...

I gotta get me a container of that ISL stuff! My son used to wake up at 5am every morning for the first 4 months. Then he started sleeping from 8pm to 7am the next day... not bad. Now he is back at falling asleep at 9.30pm, awake at 3am when the only thing that makes him fall asleep again is laying in bed between us (and I wait and take him back to his bed) and then up again at 6am. So I havent had a full night of sleep (and a long one) in quite some time. Even before the pregnancy cos during it I kept getting up to go to pee like once every hour...since early in the pregnancy.
It sucks. And he doesnt sleep durng the day more than an hour or two...he is all happy all day making noise and throwing crap around (my books) playing with his toys. But no sleeping.
I will get back at him when he is a teen and wants to sleep in... yeah right... NOOO! go take the garbage out, do something with the lawn even if its short and pretty, dont know dont care... UP!

Cool Mama said...

I have heard the same thing...if you are lucky with the first one, rest assure you will be up all night with the second one! Well...I hope it's not true...and mommee, please let us know!

Yes, I cannot wait for the revenge! We just have another 15 years to go...!