Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out of Business

I have to admit, I was a little bit shocked today when Luca, totally out of the blue, grabbed my left boob and tried to suck on it.
I mean, I wasn’t super surprised because after all I breastfed him until a couple of months ago, but it was just the way he did it and the look on his face that made me chuckle.

Let me just remind you that I had stopped breastfeeding him, not because I was tired of it (although my nose will probably grow a few feet if I swear to you that I’ve never dreamt of not having anybody sucking, licking and chewing on my tatas for a little while…just a little while), but only because Mr. - I’m too old to be still sucking on your booby - son Luca, decided that solid food was much more cool and tastier then the old cow’s juice.


So it was with some kind of sinister pleasure and just a little bit of sadness that I had announced to the world that my shop was officially closed. That’s it. Finito. Out of business. The cow has retired.

I didn’t say: Please, come back later, Your Majesty, whenever you feel like it and we’ll whip up some fresh organic, pasteurized, certified grade A mama’s juice. Nope.
Sorry kid. You had it. You were the one and only little sucker who had access to his own private bar, ANYTIME you wanted and you let it go.

It was fun though to watch the disappointed look on his face. It also took him a couple of squeezes to finally realize that the little twins are now deflated, before he decided to move on to more important things, like the remote control.

Daily Cool Pill: If you are still breastfeeding, try to protect your precious tatas from any unnecessary pulling, tugging, chewing and any underage act of vandalism in general. You will be very thankful one day when you won't have to put on your bra one leg at the time!

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Marian said...

When I was feeling so frustrated because I wasnt able to breastefeed, I came up with all sort of excuses as to why breastfeeding was totally overrated and the bottle was so much better... such as... hey! if he drinks a bottle, Dad can also wake up at night, not just me! Yeah right... Dad has a switch and the moment he goes to bed he is off and hears nothing, no matter how loud.

Anyway, in The Netherlands, there are campaings to make women understand why breastfeeding is so important. I was surprised when the OB actually asked me if I had made up my mind as to which feeding method I was going to use. To me it was so obvious that breastfeeding is all you do! what other choice!
I couldnt cos I never got enough milk (lost lots of blood during delivery so I was a bit "dry"... out of liquid! my body decided to save me instead of making milk), but never understood other women I know who didnt even try, they just bought formula. "What a drag! what do you do if the kid gets hungry and you are at a restaurant??" those were the type of excuses. And I just kept thinking...what's more important, what other people think, or the health of your kid?? is there even a question about it?