Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Unconditional Love

Me: Ughh…my boobs are starting to sag, don’t you think?

Hubby: No babe, you’re crazy. You look beautiful.

Me: I can’t get rid of these last few pounds.

Hubby: No babe. You’re perfect.

Me: My tummy will never look the same. After the third kid I will definitely have some work done. Maybe a tummy-tuck and a little augmentation…of the twins, that is. So that you’ll have something to play with as you grow old, my love.

Hubby: No babe. You look beautiful the way you are. Who’s having three kids?

Me: Focus baby, focus. Boobs. Think boobs.

Hubby: Right.

(Me on trying to convince my husband to eventually have three kids. One day. Maybe.)


Mommee and Her Boys said...

I want new boobs someday, too. lol

I know that wasn't the point of the conversation- but it made me realize how nice pregnancy boobs are and how much boobs suck afterwards. sigh.

Marian said...

Mommee is right! Pregnancy boobs are fantastic. Too bad one (or maybe just me) is too bothered with the huge belly bellow (which didnt stop moving!!!!).

Dear Cool Mamma?? what drug are you on? 3 kids??? its not even about the insane budget you'd have, its about 3 screaming kids running around you. Imagine another one of those hung overs but multiply the noise by 3.

Think CM, think.......

(like the husband's support...well trained!)

Cool Mama said...

I don't like plastic surgery...mainly because I'm a little chicken when it comes to pain, but I never say never. God knows what I'll look like in 10 years!

I know Marian...sometimes I surprise myself with all the crap that comes out of my mouth! My husband and I are only child...and I (only I) always dreamt of having a big family. I think I just would like to birth them and then have an imaginary mini-me take care of them!
You're right though...I feel dizzy just thinking about being hangover and dealing wih 3 screaming little heads!