Friday, June 8, 2007

Goldilocks vs. Mr. T

For quite a few weeks now, I have been contemplating the idea and suppressing the sudden desire of cutting my hair short.
I believe it has to do with the fact that summer is here or maybe because I can’t deal anymore with the pounding headaches due to Luca pulling on it…constantly.

The little dude is hooked on mama’s hair. So far right now it’s the best toy available on the market and he just won’t let it go. Somehow he always manages to get his little hands stuck on the most painful spots…like the nape of my neck or the temples (you know what I mean, those very sensitive areas that make your eyes fill with tears and your nose bleed).

The first thing that came to mind was obviously a Mohawk. Nothing crazy, rainbow colored or mullet-like.

Then, after the frightened look on my stylist’s face, I realized that short hair is not really for me and that I actually look like a mental patient ready to be locked up.
Now all I do, of course, is dream of little pixie haircuts, like the one Michelle Williams is sporting lately or really cool bleached blond bobs, a la Kate Bosworth.

My hair is really course, red and I have a lot of it. A few years ago, when I used to live in Japan (yeah…I used to be cool…remember?), I actually dared to dye my hair platinum blond. The result was catastrophic and, if that wasn’t enough, I decided to use a hair straightener on top of the bleach. Needless to say, my hair totally melted (in the real sense of the word!) and after begging and blathering (try to imagine me, talking Japanese in a broken English, with an Italian accent) in vain, my very talented Japanese hairdresser had no choice but to give me a sweet old Rod-Stewart-like-haircut. (I had a mullet…and you only wish I was joking!)

Yet, I must be a masochist, because that should’ve been enough to scar me for life and let my hair grow like a Rapunzel.
Unfortunately, knowing myself and being a very stubborn cookie, I will probably end up with a Mohawk. If that happens….you will be the first ones to know, share my pain and yes, admire my shameful photos!

DCP: Wigs, wigs, wigs! They exist for a reason…right??

Updates on previous post: Paris is back in jail, by the way.


Marian said...

My son does the exact same thing. Pulling my hair till he ends up with locks of it in his little hands. Very painful, and I dont know how to stop him. I remove his hands, tell him nooooo.. and a second later he is back at it again.
For about 5 yrs in my life -between 22-27yrs old, I had short hair... I even shaved my head once...yeah. Ok.
Now, Ive been working for the past 3 yrs on having it long and pretty again. You know what a pain it is to go from very short to long hair. In the process you look like crap. But now, Im considering something short... its warm. And also, my skull needs some rest. But I get the feeling that long or short he would keep pulling it... so... dunno...

What were you doing in japan?? I studied japanesse for a year while I was living in the States... can not remember a single thing. Only numbers from 1 to 10...(and I think half of them I've made them up myself...).

Cool Mama said...

Oh...I know the feeling! Hmmm...shaving my head...suddenly it doesn't sound so bad anymore!

I lived in Tokyo for about 3 years and I used to work for a golf!
My Japanese used to be much it's just a blur.

P said...

Do it!! :)

oh, by the way, YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED! Visit for more details! Hee hee! :-D