Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fashion Forward

Let’s forget for a minute that you have kids and you’re back to your pre-baby-pre-husband-pre-everyday-married-routine.

Back to the days when you really didn’t have to worry about the color choice of your outfit because nobody would have puked on you or smudged you with peanut butter and jelly. When all your worries were just about the length of you dress or the slutty-ness of your miniskirt. Ahh…those were the days!

Well, just when I thought that white was never to be found in my closet again, unless I decided to dust off my wedding dress and wear it for Halloween, here I see this pretty little number (see photo).

I mean, it’s not something you really would wear everyday to drop off the kids at school or grocery shopping, but it’s exactly what I would were if I was invited to one of my imaginary friend’s pool party.

Yes, one of those really cool summer parties you always hear about it, but you are never invited anymore because now you have a kid and therefore you resemble the plague.

DCP: You can always dress up for a fun afternoon of shopping and...food splattering with your little one. After all, there is nothing catchier then a sexy mama who takes care of herself...especially around the kids! (I just don’t know what a white dress would look like at the end of the day….sigh!).


Marian said...

I dont even dare to wear white t-shirts these days... I walk around wearing browns in all shades, they camouflage dirt! hahaha

I want to be invited to a party ...any party... and better yet, I want to be able to go to said party...and get completely drunk and not care about the next day.

do you remember how annoying it was to see and hear those moms with kids at the groceries, restaurants, shops in general; and the kids were sreaming their heads off, and the mothers were just ignoring them? I used to say "well, why do I have to listen to your kid. Shut him up! these people, why do they have kids!". Well, Ive found out that Im capable of ignoring, blocking out my kids yelling/fits/crying. Amazing adaptation. Survival of the fittest!!!

Cool Mama said...

It is so true Marian! Sometimes I see the looks on other's people face....and i wonder why they are staring?! oh...yeah...right, Luca is screaming his head off!
I think when you become a mom, you suffer a major haring loss and especially here in NYC, all the crying and moaning just sounds like traffic noise to me these days!
Are we that bad? Nope...just trying to survive!