Monday, June 4, 2007

Louder Then Words

It has been now a few months since my little one started experimenting with his vocal cords…or better, with his high pitched screams. It was cute in the beginning and all we did was admire his opera-singer-like-solos, but after a few days of ear bleedings and strong doses of Tylenol…it just didn’t do it for us anymore.

Considering that we live in a five floor apartment building, where the walls are thinner then paper, I can totally imagine the looks on my neighbors’ faces. Yes, we were the couple with “the screaming baby” or better, the only couple with “a baby” in the whole building. Period.

After the first complaint from the guy upstairs (yes, it’s Manhattan and there are assholes everywhere! I’m supposed to explain to a 5 month old how to keep it down!), I honestly and genuinely considered to go around each and every apartment offering earplugs and headache relievers…until I realized I would be broke!

I don’t think it’s out there yet that very special kind of earplug. The one able to block out such a supersonic noise like the one Luca makes when he’s not happy. (Look at the picture and just add 100,000,000 decibels to it…got the idea?).

So after spending the first few weeks worrying sick that somebody would knock at our door and kick us out of the apartment, after suing Luca’s lil' ass for permanently damaging their eardrums…I honestly don’t give a crap anymore!

Now I just enjoy myself when he’s jumping up and down like a little monkey in the Exersaucer or when he drops all his toys on the floor from the highchair.
I wouldn’t be surprised actually if soon the whole building will evacuate because of hurricane Luca and the “real estate police” charge us a billion dollars for lost revenue!

What can I say? All the cries and the screams…are just music to my ears (until I run out of my huge stash of Tylenol in my medicine cabinet!).

Daily Cool Pill: If somebody knocks at your door complaining about the screams and the noise from your little one, just say: "Oh...I'm sorry, but I think I enjoy better my baby's screams then your sex moans! (One long minute of silence...). Oh yes...we heard all about it the other night!" Trust's a winner! No man will ever admit that he hasn't had sex in a very long time and no older lady wouldn't get a kick out of it!


Marian said...

Love the Cool Pill!

Im glad we live in a detached house in the suburbs.LAnd between houses! Between the dog and the kid... windows shake. Legos fly, books fall from bookcases, balls bounce..etc... you get the idea. Very noisy. And I like music... so, that's on all day long too (well, I do turn it off sometimes). Add to that, that I have a very loud strong voice, and dutch people here speak...well, they whisper. I think by now they've gotten used to the loud people...haha

Cool Mama said...

Of course are Argentinian and I'm Italian...I think we both win the "loud" competition!! We are very warm and feisty people and even our regular tone of voice is 100 decibels louder then humans!!

I need to move to the country...